Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 56 – Sandra Marinella

Sandra Marinella

Sandra Marinella joins Chris for a conversation about the transformative power of telling our personal story.

Sandra Marinella is an award-winning teacher and writer. In 2012 when she faced breast cancer, Sandra turned her focus from teaching to writing as a way of healing.  She began volunteering with veterans and cancer patients. As she watched writing help them to transform their lives, she discovered her new passion—sharing the power of their stories and the methods they used to heal their lives.


Show Notes

A Story to Tell (Opening) – Chris introduces Sandra’s book, “The Story You Need to Tell,” a guide to transforming one’s life story. She shares her own difficult story and how writing helped her make it through the fight against breast cancer. Sandra describes how she began to share personal writing with others in an effort to help ease them through troubled times.

Finding Your Pattern (6:25) – We all have a story to tell, but may not know what to do with it. Sandra talks about all of the different ways we can share our stories.

“You have to find your own pattern, you have to find what fits your life and will take you forward with your words.” – Sandra Marinella

Knowing the Story (17:30) – Sandra talks about what a story we need to tell looks like. She emphasizes that the stories we need to tell are not all ones of suffering.

“Even good stories are ones we need to tell!” – Sandra Marinella

Sharing the Gift (25:30) – Sandra shares what she has learned working with veterans and cancer patients. She talks about the specific wounds that personal writing heals for these populations.

Beyond Writing (39:10) – What about other ways to share our story? Sandra discusses the various ways in which a person can share their stories.

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