Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 49 – Cheryl Abram

Cheryl Abram

Author, Cheryl Abram, joins the show to talk about her books, spiritual journey and the importance of telling the truth.

Cheryl Abram is a mother of four, a writer and a public speaker. She lives in Northern Virginia and when not working at her full-time job, she blogs and hosts meetings on applying the non-dual and diunital perspectives to your everyday life.


Show Notes

A Life Changing Experience (Opening) – Cheryl shares her journey of self-discovery and what led her to write her first books. She discusses how writing helped to look at herself honestly, which brought her to a point of surrender.

Growing up as a Southern Baptist Christian, it was difficult for Cheryl to challenge the beliefs she was raised with. In her hometown, religion was everything. Cheryl talks about the painful process of leaving behind her understanding of the world.

“Some time ago, on a sunny day in May, I had an experience. A reminder that led me to see life from an entirely new perspective. My search was no longer for security, happiness, wealth, love, peace, or joy; my search was for truth.”

Search for Truth (17:15) – After having what many would call a transcendental experience, Cheryl pursued the questions that began to arise. She talks about what her quest for answers was like and the struggle to identify with the teachings she came across.

As a busy mother paying the bills, Cheryl found it hard to relate to many of the deeper and more esoteric practices that she encountered. Eventually, she found a way to make the struggles of everyday life her practice, unifying her spiritual and material world.

Spiritual Bypassing (26:05) – Chris and Cheryl talk about the differences in her life since her moment of spiritual awakening. They discuss spiritual bypassing and trying to get away from yourself. Cheryl talks about recognizing at the start of her journey that she was trying to escape life while still trying to enjoy it at the same time.

Digging Deep (39:30) – What about the attachment to our identity? Chris and Cheryl discuss the importance of exploring our inner selves; digging deeper and deeper to what is really there. Cheryl emphasizes the necessity of speaking the truth in this process of self-exploration.


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