A Beginners Guide to the Soul Land Music Series

Welcome to the Soul Land Music Series: Songs & Stories Inspired by Ram Dass.

Music as a Vehicle

Rounding the year anniversary since the first wind of the coronavirus lockdown encroached our, now so seemingly fragile reality, forcing us all indoors and inwards, I can honestly say one of the things I miss the most is live music. The love and connection one can feel in full flow and connection with music is almost unparalleled, truly a transcendent experience.

“Music is a tremendous vehicle for opening the heart.” – Ram Dass

Anthony Thogmartin of Papadosio & EarthCry digs into weaving together Ram Dass & music for his Soul Land performances, on Ep. 383 of Mindrolling
Concerts in Soul Land

In response to this temporary void of live concerts, this past autumn we began a new journey, the Soul Land Music Series: Songs & Stories Inspired by Ram Dass. We brought together a wide and diverse array of musicians, rock bands, kirtan wallahs, electronic producers, folk musicians, experimental artists, and others, with one thing in common: a deep love, bhav, and connection with Ram Dass and his teachings.

“I think there is a deep connection between spirituality and music. A lot of people don’t go to church, so the chance to feel connected to something bigger than themselves is at a concert. I think that’s why this time has been so scary and weird for so many people, because going to live shows and live music is a place where you stop thinking, turn off, and just get to connect to something. Music is a very powerful drug…

…I think we are so inundated with music, people don’t sit with how potent it can be. It’s something I look forward to every single day, is listening to music—especially live. In a moment in time when we are so separated, yet so digitally connected, there’s something about being in a concert where you are part of a hive-mind connection.” – Justin Boreta (of the Glitch Mob), from his Soul Land Music Series performance this past autumn

Ride the sonic waves of last autumn’s Soul Land Music Series, exploring music & mantra, with musician & vocalist, Simrit, on Ep. 359 of Mindrolling
Spring into Soul Land

Last year’s Soul Land Music Series was such a hit with fans and artists alike—and such a compelling medium to interpret and share Ram Dass’ teachings in such a joyous, vibratory, and playful way—we decided to curate another diverse lineup of artists for the:

2021 Spring Soul Land Music Series Lineup:

This year we will be expanding from Instagram-exclusive, and will now be streaming from multiple platforms. Each concert will feature performances from multiple artists, along with exclusive interviews digging into their deep connection with Ram Dass, spirituality, creativity, and music.

“Moon/Sun is a song about that changeless space within the heart—in India they call it the atman. It’s unborn, it never dies, it can’t be cut, can’t be wet. It’s pure, stainless, eternal space. That song is about the jubilation of knowing that that space is within us, and that love will never die. ‘Between this moon and the sun, this life is never done.’ It goes where we go, because it’s always here and now. Be here now…” – Trevor Hall from his Soul Land Music Series performance this past autumn.

Explore the vibratory intersection of Ram Dass, music, and meditation, with electronic music artist, East Forest, on Ep. 302 of Mindrolling
Welcome to Soul Land

I can’t wait until we can all be together dancing under the stars again, but until then, I hope these expressive musical offerings inspired by Ram Dass’ timeless wisdom, help rest your mind, give you joy, and ease you deeper into yourself, into the loving awareness that Ram Dass called Soul Land. Namaste.

राम राम
Mangala Braymiller, Project Manager, Love Serve Remember Foundation

Visit RamDass.org/Music to explore the full lineup and watch the series!